The Village Surgeries Equipment Fund

About Us

The Village Surgeries Equipment Fund, VSEF Farndon & Tattenhall is a community charity (Est. 1985) organising equipment purchases for the Doctors’ surgeries in the two villages. The equipment sourced is over and above the equipment provided by the National Health Service and used for the benefit and comfort of all their patients.

Over £5,000 has been spent on:

  • a Hyfrecactor
  • World-Class INR Software
  • a fridge
  • a Microlife Watch
  • a Spirometry Machine
  • two Oximeters including parts
  • three ear and eye scopes in recent months.

For the near future, we can report that a Doplar Ultrasound Machine has been identified as a welcome addition to both surgeries.

VSEF 27.5.20

VSEF Hundred Club

The VSEF run a ‘HUNDRED CLUB’ which is drawn yearly with as many numbers as you wish to purchase available at £10 EACH for the year.

There is no location restriction, so please involve family and friends.


For further information, contact HELEN; email: or phone/text: 07803 045024

Contributions can be made by direct bank transfer, cheque, or alternatively please contact Helen to set up a standing order.

Many thanks for your support and good luck!

Forms can be picked up at the below locations;


OR you can download a sign up form here:

The Village Surgeries Equipment Fund Sign-Up Form.pdf

The Committee of the Equipment Fund would like to thank all those who have supported the Fund, either by purchasing a 100 club tickets, supporting events or by making a donation or bequest.

Please Support Us. 

See below the  Winning numbers for 2019:

1st - 23 and 87 (£75 each)

2nd - 25 and 58 (£50 each)

3rd - 6, 23, 28 and 71 (£25 each)