Booking Appointments Online

Online Appointment Booking

Please ensure that you book the appointments appropriately.

Our Doctors require that you enter a reason for your appointment in the box provided, this gives us the opportunity to ensure that it is appropriate for you to see the doctor rather than a nurse. If no reason is entered the appointment will be automatically cancelled. Blood tests and smears cannot be booked online.

If you are unsure as to whether it is appropriate for you to see a nurse or doctor please contact us by telephone. When you book an appointment online you will receive confirmation. There is no need to re-confirm – just arrive promptly on the day.

You can also use this facility to cancel appointments which will help us to offer them to someone else who may need one.

Please note: you can only book up to two appointments at one time.

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What appointments are available to book?

  • GP appointments up to two weeks in advance.
  • Appointments with the Advanced Nurse Practitioner up to two weeks in advance - our Advanced Nurse Practitioner's can diagnose, refer and prescribe.

Please Note: appointments CAN NOT be made for blood tests, smears or annual reviews via Patient Access. These must be done by ringing the Surgery and speaking to Reception.

How to Book an Appointment

1.   Select New booking from the Upcoming appointments section of the homepage.  




2.   Select Appointment at your GP practice.




3.   Select your appointment type.

  • Patient Access - GP appointment is Face to Face with a GP.
  • Telephone is a telephone appointment with a GP.




4.    Select a branch or Continue without selecting. (Continue without selecting will show appointments available at Tattenhall and Farndon)




5.   Select the date for the appointment, or use the arrows left and right to see more available dates.





6. Select the appropriate time.





7.     Add the reason for the appointment. (Please note: failure to enter reason and your appointment WILL be cancelled!)




8.   Review your booking.


9.  Select Book appointment.




10.   The appointment has been booked.




How to Cancel an Appointment

If you need to cancel an appointment, follow the steps below.

Do one of the following:

Cancel directly from the Upcoming appointments section of the homepage.

  1. Select the appointment from the Upcoming appointments section.
  2. Select Cancel appointment
  3. Enter the reason for cancelling the appointment.
  4. Select Cancel appointment.

Cancel from the Appointments section.

  1. Select Appointments from the dashboard. 
  2. Locate and select the appointment you wish to cancel, or select
     in the top right-hand corner of the upcoming appointment.
  3. Select Cancel appointment.
  4. Enter the reason for cancelling the appointment.
  5. Select Cancel appointment

The appointment has been cancelled.