Additional Patient Information

Patient Confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality

Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep patient medical information confidential. We are unable to discuss patient details with family members unless the patient is under 11 years of age, when we are able to discuss with parents/guardians. Please bear this in mind for example, if you are ringing for the test results of a family member.

As a patient, you may decide to give us permission to speak to a designated person about your medical details by signing a Consent form. This can be useful between partners and for children of elderly parents. Please click the link below to print off the form.Consent to discuss medical details with a third party.pdf

If you wish to give someone online access to your medical details, called proxy access please click on the link below

Proxy consent form for 16 and over.pdf

Alternativley, please contact our reception team.  


As a parent/guardian of a child over the age of 11, please follow this link for futher information on how we can be authorised to speak with you by the child. Online Services

In order to maintain patient confidentiality and privacy we kindly ask that you please respect fellow patients privacy when they are at the reception desk.