Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Non-urgent advice: Who are we and what do we do?

Your PPG was formed in 2017 and our role is to be a ‘critical friend’ to The Village Surgeries Group. We advise the on the VSG on the patient perspective and provide insight into the responsiveness and quality of services.  It is very much a 2-way dialogue, with the Practice using us as a consultative group for any planned changes.

We have carried out 2 patient surveys to ensure your views are appropriately represented.  We also work with the VSG, as well as other rural surgeries in Cheshire West, to encourage patients to take greater responsibility for their own health.

A key part of our role is communication.  We provide a quarterly digital newsletter which is emailed by the Practice to all patients for whom the Practice holds an email address.  In addition, the newsletter is posted on the Practice website, facebook site and a hard copy is displayed on the noticeboard in each surgery waiting room.  

Non-urgent advice: The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

  • To improve communication between the Practice, Patients and the wider community about matters concerning the Practice and health in general. Click here to read our Communications Review and action plan 
  • To offer opinions in a constructive manner and to put forward ideas on behalf of other patients.
  • To act as a consultative group for any changes at the Practice.
  • To monitor complaints and comments received about the Practice.
  • To support, improve and protect services deemed necessary for an effective service for patients.
  • To encourage a spirit of self help and support amongst patients, including promotion of health and wellbeing in the Practice catchment.
  • To promote and campaign for patient services, without distinction of gender, race, physical and learning disability, sexuality, age and political or religious views.

These aims will be achieved by liaising with Patients, Practice staff, community health workers, NHS England commissioning bodies, other PPG’s and other public and third sector organisations concerned with health care.

Non-urgent advice: Message from the Chair of the VSG PPG: David Williams - November 2023

My name is David Williams and I would like to introduce myself as the new Chair of The Village Surgeries Patient Participation Group (VSG PPG). I have been a patient at the Practice since 2010 following our move from Chester. I have been involved with the PPG since 2020 and am delighted to be taking up the Chair along with a new Vice Chair, Jan Fereday-Smith and Secretary, Janet Foster. I do not have a background in health provision; I’m a retired Chemical Engineer who spent my career in the manufacturing industry. I have lived abroad, with my family, for many years and hope I bring some perspective of what health provision looks like in other countries.

Without a medical background, I do bring a lot of curiosity and have passion for ensuring that, as patients, we make the most of the services available to us and that our voices are heard. In these challenging times for the NHS and as a rural practice, it is critical that the PPG is a supportive community voice and works closely with the Practice to ensure the future stability for The Village Surgeries Group. We must seek to identify patients’ needs and, together with the Practice, identify solutions to deliver those needs. We can see what patients see; what might appear to work in the eyes of the Practice may be viewed from an altogether different perspective by patients. This 2-way process allows us to work with the Practice to identify possible solutions.

Looking back at 2023, the main piece of work we undertook was the Patient Survey. The survey results will also guide our efforts in 2024 but the clearest message was dissatisfaction with the 8 a.m. booking rush. This required urgent action and we worked with the Practice to implement a new process. I’m delighted that this seems to have helped patients and receptionists in equal measure. Communication is our key purpose and a regular quarterly Newsletter will continue to be our primary channel. We will also continue to work with the Practice to support patients getting online with the NHS App, amongst its uses I personally find it the easiest way to order repeat prescriptions.

It remains a goal to make our PPG more representative of our overall patient population and although we are a young at heart and very vibrant group, we are looking for ways to encourage some new members, particularly younger patients to join us. So, if you feel passionately that you can make a difference to our patient community, we would love you to join our group. Our very ‘upbeat’ meetings are at 6.30pm on the second Wednesday of every month, alternating between on-line via ‘Zoom’, and face-to-face at locations both in Farndon and Tattenhall. DDetails of upcoming meetings are printed below.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email

Thank you,

Kindest regards

David Williams

Non-urgent advice: Do you want to join us?

Any patient registered at the Practice can become involved with the PPG to strengthen our voice – not only on local Practice issues but importantly in the context of rural Cheshire West too.  We are an informal group and we try to inject some ‘fun’ into our meetings. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 6.30pm; alternating between zoom and face to face.  If you are interested please email

Non-urgent advice: Agenda of Upcoming PPG Meetings

Click here for the latest agenda which is avaiable approximately 5 days prior to a meeting.

Next PPG Meeting is:

Wednesday Wednesday, 11th September 2024 at 6.30pm at Farndom Memorial Hall

Non-urgent advice: Upcoming PPG Meetings


August 2024 - No Meeting Summer Break

Wednesday 11th September 2024 - Farndon Memorial Hall

Wednesday 9th October 2024 - AGM followed by Monthly Meeting - The Vault, Tattenhall

Non-urgent advice: VSG PPG Spring 2023 Patient Survey Results

Thank you so much for those of you that were able to complete this year’s patient survey. We got some great feedback, in fact more patients replied than in 2019! So, thank you, as using your feedback and comments- we were able to discuss with the surgery where positive changes can be made.

The results certainly indicated that something had to change regarding the ‘’8am scramble’ for appointments.  Thus, changes were quickly put in place in June enabling you to book ahead up to 7 days in advance on the phone.  The 4-week feedback indicates that this has been extremely beneficial for patients and reception staff alike.

In some cases, it was not possible to change the current process, but again through discussion with the surgery team, we can learn why that it is and share that feedback with you. Additionally, the PPG will review based on these results, how we can better signpost you to services that you may not be aware of.

Again, thank you for supporting this survey – your input has helped improve the patient experience for all of us.

A presentation of the results is available on the link below:

Survey Results
Tattenhall War Memorial

Non-urgent advice: A Circular Walk around the Village of Tattenhall

This heritage trail has been created to commemorate the Centenary Anniversary of the Armistice, 11 November 2018.

The trail starts at the War Memorial, on the High Street.

This leaflet provides a lasting legacy which raises awareness and curiosity about local heritage and, in particular, the role of Tattenhall in The Great War, 1914-1918.

This historical trail has been produced by Tattenhall Local History. To find out more about the local history of Tattenhall visit 

Non-urgent advice: Keep active! - Local Walks

Are you looking for some walks around Farndon? Are there parts of Farndon & Holt that you may want to get to know better, particularly for new residents.

Look no further!

Your PPG have put together some walks that all start from Farndon Village Surgery!

PPG Walks.pdf

Photograph of wild flowers

Non-urgent advice: Wildflower Project Tattenhall Surgery

As we head into Autumn and the nights start closing in, the wildflower project will continue to be ongoing.  We will be counting down to see next years new spring life pushing their way out of the ground. We kindly ask pet-owners to keep their pets off the planted area as it matures. Thank you for your understanding.

Please also remember our ‘Happy To Chat’ benches at both of the surgeries, ten minutes sat taking in the sounds and sights of nature can work wonders for the health of the body and mind!! Someone may also join you for a chat!!